Canggu Club Christmas Bazaar

Canggu Club Christmas Bazaar -  Join us for a 2-day shopping spree at the Canggu Club this year at our annual Christmas Bazaar! The aim of the bazaar is to provide quality manufacturers the opportunity to come together to create a Christmas shopping extravaganza for busy mums (and dads) to get all their Christmas shopping […]

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Obama may cancel trip to Bali ?

After USA “make Shutdown” for their government staff it will make Obama may cancel trip to Bali. This is maybe yes or maybe no . . . Breaking Bali News- As I predicted Obama may cancel trip to Asia Pacific including Bali for this weeks massive A.P.E.C conference. Not good politics for him to spend ten’s […]

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Bali CEO Summit

Good morning, this is Bali property news for 15 Apec leaders slated to speak at Bali CEO Summit. PM Lee listed as dialogue participant for session on the state of the world.  The three-day event, billed as “Asia-Pacific’s premier business event”, will take place on the Indonesian resort island on Oct 5-7 as part of […]

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Australians lead top foreign tourist

As you know Bali is the best place for relax and entertain, Australia lead the top ten sources of foreign tourist arrivals in Bali in the first seven months of the year, Indonesian news agency ANTARA reported. A total of 458,109 Australians visited Bali between January and July this year, up 2.76 per cent from 445,784 […]

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I am Glad Bali Governor Support for Miss World 2013

Miss World Pageant 2013 Bali – Well, I am Glad Bali Governor Support for Miss World 2013. Nothing to worry about, all the Balinese people and element are support Miss World Pageant 2013 in Bali. Bali’s governor Pastika, is voicing support for the event which will be held Sept 28th. It is my strong belief that Indonesia needs […]

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Ubud Bali is one of the most friendly City in the world

DREAMERSRADIO.COM - Ubud Bali is one of the most friendly City in the world.  Scored 89.1, the town of Ubud in Bali won the hearts of the respondents in a recent survey on the Most Sustainable Cities in the World hosted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. In the magazine mentioned that Ubud is famous for its […]

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Richest People in Bali

Herewith little bit news for you to know the listings for Richest People in Bali . . . cool. Bali rich list with a net worth ranging below Rp100 billion to over USD 1 trillion. Mostly engaged in the business of tourism, it maybe because Bali is the best Tourist destination in the world, at lease until […]

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Bali Kites Festival in Padang Galak

Herewith the best Kites Festival in Bali , Padang Galak . - - Bali Kites Festival in Padang Galak, Every time a kite lost a battle, cut off and falling down, we would run wildly chasing it, similar to the scenes portrayed in Khaled Hosseini’s acclaimed novel, “The Kite Runner”. Those memories were floating around my mind […]

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Indonesia Independence Day

Well, today at August 17th is our Independence Day. Bali and Indonesia Celebrates 68 years of Independence, In my 17 years of living here I have seen Bali and Indonesia grow in economic wealth and credit rating. As I always say Indonesia is not a rising tiger. It is a roaring Lion and I am […]

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Tourist arrivals in Bali increase Up 6.61 percent

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Business | Fri, August 02 2013 | Tourist arrivals in Bali increase 6.61 percent . The number of foreign tourists visiting Bali during the first half of the year increased by 6.61 percent to 1.49 this year from 1.40 million in the corresponding period last year, according to data of […]

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Bay Watch Star is opening a bar on island near Bali


Bay Watch Star is opening a bar on island near Bali – Do you know Bay Watch Movies serial on the TV ? . . . Well, i think you are already know about David Hasselhoff, . . . He is the best actor for that serial as well. is an American actor, singer, producer, and businessman. […]

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Ritz-Carlton in Bali will opening in 2014

Bali opening property

There is will be a great Property development in Bali next in the future, it will good for investors atmosphere. Bali is a naturally beautiful destination that global travelers have consistently returned to. We are delighted to be creating an authentic Balinese resort in Sawagan which will offer breathtaking views and carefully curated experiences and […]

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