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Today i make an article which is title “Real estate property in Bali” . This is mean that our services on are provide real estate and property for sale or property rental in Bali. The property might be a land, houses, Villas, Hotels, apartments, and others property that located in Bali – Indonesia. Bali […]

Foreigners property guide to own land in Bali

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Bali property information Foreigners property guide to own land in Bali. Can foreigners own property in Bali ?… The answer is yes you can. Freehold title on land (hak milik) in Indonesia is a right extended only to Indonesian citizens. For foreigners contemplating the purchase of freehold title, the only option is to use an Indonesian nominee. […]

Indonesian Government help $ 4 million and 1% mortgage DP

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Bali property news – Indonesian Government help $ 4 million and 1% mortgage Down payment. Starting March 1, 2015, BTN has a program payment (DP) is only 1%, for the recipient of Housing Finance Liquidity Facility (FLPP), or mortgage interest subsidy 2015. This program for low-income communities (MBR), in order to obtain lower-priced homes. The applicant complied […]

Brisbane residents will travel to Bali

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Bali property news – Brisbane residents will travel to Bali to escape city during G20 summit.   Tourism is getting an unexpected boost from the G20 as Brisbane residents plan to get as far away from the city as possible during the three-day summit. Despite assurances from state and civic leaders the city will be “open for business” […]

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Canggu Club Christmas Bazaar

Obama may cancel trip to Bali ?

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