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House for sale in Bali

Villa sale bali

Herewith little bit information regarding house for sale in Bali.  At the moment our blog only have one house for sale in Bali submitter , check Griya Masari article here.  Bali property mag hoping that if you want to sale your house here in Bali, please do not hesitate to Submit your property here.

Well, there are many property mainly house for sale in Bali you can also check here at Bali property house for sale. And if you have an extra cost your can promote your house at Rumah123.com , there also have house for sale in Tabanan . . . .

The last think , you can also check a House for sale in Bali here. There is many luxury house or Villa for sale there, the website are belong to my best friend in Bali.

This is short article that can open your mind to find a better website beside balipropertymag.com. On our website you can submit your property or real estate as well, with out any charge  . . . . Bali property magazine are based on wordpress media website as well.

Villa sale bali

Villa sale bali

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Submit your property here

Bali property submit

Bali property submitBali property magazine readers can submit their property or real estate here. Our company does not make the system immediately online for your property or real estate, because we are afraid regarding SPAM and not in accordance with the rules of google ,  We will do a moderation first.

Follow this easy step bellow :

  1. Property Description 
    - Property name : …
    – Property Location : …
    – Property Bedroom : … ( example : 3 bedroom )
    – Property Bathroom : … ( example : 2 bathroom )
    – Land Size : … ( example : 200 sqm )
    – Building Size : …. ( example : 250 sqm )
    – Property Title : …. ( example : Freehold / leasehold )
    – Property Price : …
    – Property Facilities : …
    – Others : …
  2. Property image ( Maximum 2 image )

Please send 2 item above to ghtirtana@yahoo.com,  If  we are approve your property, than your property will get online on 1 x 24 hours at balipropertymag.com.

Your property will keep on display at balipropertymag.com until it is SOLD

Donations no matter how small will be very useful for us to maintain balipropertymag.com Internet server.

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Actress Tamara Bleszynski has moved to Bali


bali-newsActress Tamara Bleszynski has moved to Bali as she could not stand the capital’s traffic congestion any longer. “I don’t live in Jakarta anymore, I am now in Bali. The traffic in Jakarta is too much but I still return to Jakarta once a week,” she said as quoted by kompas.com.

She felt she had wasted a lot of time in traffic jams in Jakarta. She said that although she lived far from the capital, she had no worries about missing out on offers of work. (more…)

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Villa review in Bali

villa review

review my villa in bali

Today i just want to announced you regarding my post title ” Villa review in Bali ” . I will make new column at Blog page, which is name Property Review . What is Property Review ? . . . Property review mean that i will review your property as well.

Your property can be your house, your villa or others property tools. Villa review in Bali provide many villas in Bali. You can add your villa description or your villa detail and send it to me , but please send me your inquiry first at contact page.


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Villa for rent in Bali

Villa for rent in baliAfter a view days online Bali property magazine dot com has many Villa for rent in Bali on Database listings. This Article only want to give little bit information to the balipropertymag.com readers that our website have villa for rent listings online.

Villa for rent in Bali are the most inquiry than a luxury hotels , bacause of the privacy and the price very competitive . . . (more…)

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Villa for sale in bali

After one month left, bali property magazine online have some listings for Villa for sale in Bali. This article is to categories all the ads posting related on villa for sale in Bali will has a link into their own post.

Villa for sale in Bali has may inquiry for google search engine, if your web get the top position and get the first page on google crawl , it is will make a good income and good finance, for keyword villa for sale in bali.


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Free property ads

Bali property magazine dot com is a Free property ads, even there is two option for you to submit your property listings but our founder has a wisely option to you to post your property as a FREE member.  Free property advertiser for all real estate listings in all around the world.

Bali property mag (.) com was build to cover some property and real estate by owner only, but day by day it is publish for all member and all can submit their property listings as well. . . (more…)

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BPM Real estate Agent Logo

After have any error on Real estate website for 2 days, balipropertymag.com has replace a new logo on Header website. BPM Real estate Agent logo was appear again, BPM is Bali Property Magazine. I make and design this simple logo with transference background detail.

BPM Real estate or property logo have become a new one as the website themes also changed. This is become a Cream collor  concept. . . (more…)

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Get 50% voucher discount to submit your property

Good day for bali property magazine readers, . . . Today our founder has new announcement that ” Get 50% voucher discount to submit your property ” . . . Normally when you are use one year time for submit your property it is will cost your US $ 2 , but today with 50% voucher discount you will only pay US $ 1 .

Only pay one dollar to submit your property or real estate is very cheap . . . and this is will make your property easy to get new investors or buyer as well. As a Premium property or premium real estate, you will get SEO support to rich many visitors from google.com


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What coupon code meaning

Coupon vaucherThis is apart of Submit Property >> page, many question about What coupon code meaning . . . . Coupon code is like a voucher if you get the property submitting discount as well. Coupon code give by balipropertymag.com administrator to you, our admin will give it to you by email.

When you are submit your property or real estate listings, this option will seen at bellow of the page . . . Coupon code will allow you to submit your property with additional discount, the discount could be 10%, 30% or even 50 % off . . . (more…)

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Submit my property for only US $ 2 ?

When i was start to finish this website, there is a comment told me that Submit my property for only US $ 2 ? . . . I don’t know the sentence meaning is . . . is there to expensive or cheap . . . Well, don’t you worry about this i will give you some analog for this metter.

To submit your property is easy, you may directly submit and also you may register first. . .


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How to submit my property

how to submit propertyToday i will explain to you about How to submit my property ? . . . To submit your property or real estate at balipropertymag.com is easy and simple. Balipropertymag.com also give a change to submit your property for FREE. For future property listings, our admin only charge you US $ 2 per one year. Yes . . . this is only to pay our server hosting only, please help us to keep balipropertymag.com online.

I will explain to you with image about How to submit my property . . . (more…)

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