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Top 10 Best places unique in Bali

Best Bali Places – If you are going to Visit Bali, This places is the best destination that you are have to stay in. Well, this is Top 10 best places unique in Bali regarding smh webpage. As a editor on, i am a Balinese people . . . so maybe i know which one is […]

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Bali property news article

Asia Investors

The Bali today regarding Property news are very small in Bali, there is no property newspapers weekly . . . But if you want to find property news in Bali on Internet , there is many website provide it as well. My website bali proeprty mag dot com are also provide Bali property news, beside […]

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Balinese Style Paradise

Balinese Style Paradise - From the moment we walked into our 2 bedroom Queen villa, we were blown away by the sheer opulence and comfort, and couldn’t believe we were staying at Villa Kupu Kupu for 10 fabulous days. Even making our reservation with the lovely and charming Yuni was easy, friendly and thoughful. She is […]

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Bali villas for sale

This is my own article regarding Bali villas for sale . Many property and real estate in Bali has a great future on investment opportunity as well. Villas in Bali are growth since Bali become the first and the best destination tourist in the world wide. Bali villas for sale is the best way to save […]

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Property in Bali

Well, this is just little bit article regarding Property in Bali website. is the best website that provide Property for sale in Bali and property for rent in Bali. We are focus only on real estate in Bali, and the others bonus is others country, it is mean if you are property agent in […]

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Bali house for sale

Yes, it is right you can find many Bali house for sale here only on bali property magazine online. There is many property agents that can provide to you about house for sale in Bali. I have a place to you to sale and buy a property in Bali with out any cost as well. […]

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Rumah dijual di Bali

Memang banyak sekali property seperti Rumah dijual di Bali memiliki daya atau tingkat investati yang tinggi. Seluruh property di Bali mengalami peningkatan investasi 20% sampai 50% pertahunnya. Hal ini dikatakan oleh salah satu pelaku property di Bali. Article ini saya buat sengaja untuk memancing para agent yang belum tahu tentang keberadaan, jual beli rumah […]

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How to make investments realized ?

Most of people may worried about their own investments, How to make an investments realized ? . . . most properties purchased around the world are marketed and sold as “investments” but unless the yields promised can be realized, they can turn into money pits. It’s all very well conducting due diligence on the legal aspects of […]

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Property investment in Bali

Herewith i give you little bit information regarding Property investment in Bali. When you are interesting to invest in Bali, you must think about Property and real estate investment. Why invest in Bali ? . . . Bali is the most choice for the best destination in the world. Many tourist are interest to visit Bali, […]

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Why Invest in Bali ?

Why Invest in Bali ? That’s many people ask me about, As one of the most popular destinations in the world : Bali Island, a record number of visitors in 2011. Can be associated with this island has also become a major support in Southeast Asia, foreign investment in real estate, Perhaps linked to this, the island […]

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Burj Dubai Tower was officially opened to the public

Burj Dubai Tower was officially opened to the public. A variety of luxury and splendor are offered to all visitors to the tallest building in the world. Ranging from office buildings, apartments to boutique and luxury hotels. From his official website on Monday (4/1/2010) mentioned the towering Burj Dubai more than 800 meters and has more […]

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Why use property agent ?

Some property owner must ask about an “Agent” . .  . Why use property agent ? . As a property agent / Real estate agent, what you will answer about ? . . . Confusing , no i don’t think so. . . There is some benefit to use property agent to sale your house. […]

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