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Obama may cancel trip to Bali ?

After USA “make Shutdown” for their government staff it will make Obama may cancel trip to Bali. This is maybe yes or maybe no . . .

Breaking Bali News- As I predicted Obama may cancel trip to Asia Pacific including Bali for this weeks massive A.P.E.C conference. Not good politics for him to spend ten’s of millions of dollars on a trip with little benefit . Would not make Americans happy while many of them are being laid off.

Asia Investors

Asia Investors nwes

No problem we still have 9 our major leaders coming from most important countries in the world ., Including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Chins. Russia and of course most important our own President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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Bali CEO Summit

Good morning, this is Bali property news for 15 Apec leaders slated to speak at Bali CEO Summit. PM Lee listed as dialogue participant for session on the state of the world.  The three-day event, billed as “Asia-Pacific’s premier business event”, will take place on the Indonesian resort island on Oct 5-7 as part of the annual Apec Summit.

THE leaders of at least 15 Pacific Rim countries, including Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) CEO Summit in Bali in a fortnight’s time.  Bali has been undergoing a major face-lift in the build-up to the Apec Summit meetings. The state has spent 2.8 trillion rupiah (S$320.1 million) to expand the Ngurah Rai International Airport and the island’s first underpass that cost around 148 billion rupiah.

According to the latest state estimates, Bali is forecast to record economic growth of 6.8 per cent this year, higher than the 6.6 per cent posted in 2012.  his year, more than 1,200 global CEOs and business and thought leaders will convene under the summit’s theme, “Towards Resilience and Growth: Reshaping Priorities for the Global Economy”.

According to the latest programme released last Tuesday, some 15 Apec leaders will speak at various sessions held at the Bali International Convention Centre in Nusa Dua, an enclave in south-eastern Bali.

Bali CEO Summit : Sources :

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Australians lead top foreign tourist

As you know Bali is the best place for relax and entertain, Australia lead the top ten sources of foreign tourist arrivals in Bali in the first seven months of the year, Indonesian news agency ANTARA reported. A total of 458,109 Australians visited Bali between January and July this year, up 2.76 per cent from 445,784 in the same period last year, said I Gede Suarsa, head of Central Statistics Agency (BPS) office in Bali province yesterday.

UngasanAustralian tourists made up 25.58 per cent of overall tourist arrivals in Bali, which reached 1.79 million in the year ended July 31, 2013. This is make Australians people who always visit Bali, buy a property sale or rental in Bali. Many Australians people are do a business in Bali as well.

Between January and July this year, the number of Japanese tourists rose by 15.86 per cent, Malaysia at 9.97 per cent, South Korea (0.15 per cent), Singapore (13.45 per cent), France (0.91 per cent), and the United States (8.86 per cent). Tourist arrivals from Britain fell by 2.76 per cent to 63,895 from 65,709 in the same period last year

So, what do you think . . This is the best time to invest in Bali.

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I am Glad Bali Governor Support for Miss World 2013

Miss World Pageant 2013 Bali – Well, I am Glad Bali Governor Support for Miss World 2013. Nothing to worry about, all the Balinese people and element are support Miss World Pageant 2013 in Bali. Bali’s governor Pastika, is voicing support for the event which will be held Sept 28th. It is my strong belief that Indonesia needs to honor it’s agreement with the pageant organizers and not break their moral and legal contract.

He pageant will bring plenty of much needed positive publicity to Bali and Indonesia .  Dozens of Bali youths protest in support of the Miss World contest in Catur Muka statue crossing in Denpasar, Bali, on Monday, Sept 2, 2013.

MAngku pastika

MAngku pastika

Despite mounting calls by state officials and mass organizations for the upcoming Miss World beauty pageant to be canceled, Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika voiced his support for the event, arguing that it will present Bali and the whole of Indonesia in a positive light. “What is wrong with the Miss World [pageant]? What are the reasons behind the protests and objections?” Pastika asked on Monday.
He said that the contest would be conducted in line with his island’s customs and not be a showcase for indecent displays of the female figure.
“[Participants] will follow our ethics and procedures. They will also act in accordance with Balinese tradition and culture,” he said. “The Miss World pageant will not bring any losses to Bali or Indonesia.” It will, instead, he said, boost Bali’s, and by extension Indonesia’s, international reputation.
“For Bali, the event could act as a free promotion. The [contest] could lead to economic benefits and encourage tourism to the country,” he said.
The Miss World contest has drawn criticism from the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and the more moderate Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI). An MUI official said the group opposed the event because exposing a woman’s body violated Islamic teachings. He said the decision by contest organizers to exclude the traditional bikini contest did not overcome the problem as contestants will still be required to wear tight dresses that showed their curves.
The FPI has also vowed to disrupt the event, which is scheduled to include a gathering in Bali before the main ceremony on Sept. 28 at the Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java. Suryadharma Ali, Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs, and Maneger Nasution, an official at the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM), also condemned the contest as not being compatible with Islamic teachings and for putting women’s bodies on display.

Miss world Bali

Miss world Bali

Pastika, meanwhile, dismissed concerns that the contestants will expose their aurat, or body parts that are supposed to be clothed as stipulated by Islam, as illogical. Echoing the governor’s sentiments, dozens of college students and youths in Bali held a demonstration in Denpasar on Monday in support of the pageant.

I am Glad Bali Governor Support for Miss World 2013 : Sources :

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Ubud Bali is one of the most friendly City in the world

DREAMERSRADIO.COM – Ubud Bali is one of the most friendly City in the world.  Scored 89.1, the town of Ubud in Bali won the hearts of the respondents in a recent survey on the Most Sustainable Cities in the World hosted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

In the magazine mentioned that Ubud is famous for its beautiful terraced rice fields that managed to attract many international tourists. In addition, the city located in southwest Bali was chosen because it has a lot of luxury accommodation but still close to nature.  Another factor that makes Ubud was chosen to be the most hospitable people of Ubud is an open and kind to the visitors. All this is further enhanced with a tranquil atmosphere and also full of positive aura.

Ubud is evidently managed to steal the attention of international tourists. Even Julia Roberts has ever come to Ubud for filming Eat, Pray, Love.
Meanwhile, the recent 20th season event model search America’s Next Top Model come to the island and did a photo shoot in Ubud.
Ubud was ranked 9th in the survey.

Ubud Bali


Ranks 9th is also populated by the city of Kilkenny, Ireland scored equal to Ubud.  Here is a list of the 10 most friendly city in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine :

1. Florianopolis, Brazil
2. Hobart, Tasmania
3. Thimpu, Bhutan
4. Queenstown, Selandia Baru
5. Charleston, South Carolina
6. Paro, Bhutan
6. Margaret River, Australia
8. Mandalay, Myanmar
9. Kilkenny, Irlandia
9. Ubud, Bali – Indonesia
10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ubud Bali is one of the most friendly City in the world : Sources : DREAMERSRADIO.COM

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Bali Kites Festival in Padang Galak

Herewith the best Kites Festival in Bali , Padang Galak . – – Bali Kites Festival in Padang Galak, Every time a kite lost a battle, cut off and falling down, we would run wildly chasing it, similar to the scenes portrayed in Khaled Hosseini’s acclaimed novel, “The Kite Runner”.

Those memories were floating around my mind when I attended last month’s Kite Festival at Padang Galak beach in Sanur, Bali so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that the venue resembled a war zone. Around 1,121 kites participated in the three-day event there with each of them requiring more than 10 men to make them fly.

sources :

Kites Bali padang galak

So many men are required because the variety of kites, including traditional Balinese designs, are huge, some more than 15 metres long .When 30 kites were flown simultaneously in one session, the situation became chaotic, as hundreds of men tugged the strings on the vast dried out rice fields just 20 metres from the beach.

Banners bearing the names and logos of each group were hoisted in the venue, some of them representing their hamlets, and others representing a single family or group of kite enthusiasts. The festival itself is a competition judged by a jury and the participants are divided into several sessions based on their kite’s type.

Bali Kites festival

Sources :

The common types of traditional Balinese kites are called the janggan (bird or dragon shape), bebean (fish-like shape) and the pecukan (eye-shaped kite).  “I’m with the Puri family,” said Agung proudly as he waited to fly his big bebean kite.  “The score for each kite is judged from the way they climb up to the sky, the sound they make, how they sway around in the wind, and also how unified the group is during the flying session,” he added.

With as many as 20 kites flying during each session of the competition. some of them were bound to crash or get tangled up with each other, causing them to fall. Others also crashed because they lacked stability. The commentator was quick to warn spectators to stay well clear of these mammoths made from sturdy wood and bamboo.

“Please, keep your attention on the sky and watch out for falling kites,” he cautioned repeatedly, no doubt recalling the tragedy last year when an eight-year-old boy died after being hit by a kite.

Bali Kites Festival in Padang Galak : sources : Battles in the Bali sky

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Tourist arrivals in Bali increase Up 6.61 percent

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Business | Fri, August 02 2013 | Tourist arrivals in Bali increase 6.61 percent .

The number of foreign tourists visiting Bali during the first half of the year increased by 6.61 percent to 1.49 this year from 1.40 million in the corresponding period last year, according to data of the Bali office of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

“Most of them entered Bali through the Ngurah Rai International Airport and only 19,739 tourists arrived via port [the Gilimanuk port],” Bali BPS head Gede Suarsa said in Denpasar, Bali, on Friday as quoted by Antara news agency.

He added that Bali expects around 2.8 million foreign tourists this year, a target which is lesser than the number of foreign tourists who visited Bali last year, 2.94 million people.

To reach the target, he went on, the Bali administration conducted intensive promotion in a number of prospective countries.
According to Gede, Japan is the first on the list of countries sending more tourists to Bali, followed by China, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Taiwan, Australia and France. He added tourists from South Korea and England had shown a significant drop. (hrl)

Tourist arrivals in Bali increase Up 6.61 percent “Sources”

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Bay Watch Star is opening a bar on island near Bali


Bay Watch Star is opening a bar on island near Bali – Do you know Bay Watch Movies serial on the TV ? . . . Well, i think you are already know about David Hasselhoff, . . . He is the best actor for that serial as well. is an American actor, singer, producer, and businessman. He is best known for his lead roles as Michael Knight in the popular 1980s US series Knight Rider and as L.A. County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the series Baywatch. Hasselhoff also produced Baywatch for a number of seasons in the 1990s up until 2001 . . .

And today he open a Bar on Island near Bali, Indonesia.



He said he had already bought the property that would house his business.
Hasselhoff, 60, is dating Welsh blonde Hayley Roberts, a 32-year-old former shop assistant and part-time model who he met when she asked for his autograph. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.  End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

Hasselhoff will be at Supanova today from 10.30am.


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Ritz-Carlton in Bali will opening in 2014

Bali opening property

There is will be a great Property development in Bali next in the future, it will good for investors atmosphere. Bali is a naturally beautiful destination that global travelers have consistently returned to. We are delighted to be creating an authentic Balinese resort in Sawagan which will offer breathtaking views and carefully curated experiences and recreational activities that speak to the aspirations of today’s Ritz-Carlton guest,” said Herve Humler, President and Chief Operations Officer, The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is set to make a celebrated return to the island of the gods with the opening of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, Indonesia in 2014.

The stunning island of Bali enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most luxurious retreat destinations with its combination of sandy beaches, local Balinese artisan culture and relaxed ambiance.

The location of the exquisite Ritz-Carlton, Bali is uniquely situated with a combination of white beach front and elevated cliff top settings, blended into the landscape gently enlivening the senses.

Ritz Carlton

Bali opening

The luxury resort will also include six restaurants and bars, which include a cliff-side restaurant integrated into a natural cave that doubles as a private dining room. Other restaurants include a beach grill, an Indonesian restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, a pool bar and all-day dining. Within the resort grounds, there will be a Ritz-Carlton Spa; a water sports pavilion and other recreational facilities.

Ritz-Carlton in Bali will opening in 2014 : sources :


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Top destination in SE Asia is Bali

Bali government

Top destination in SE Asia is Bali –  Most foreigners visiting Bali say the island remains their favorite destination in Southeast Asia, a recent survey conducted by the provincial Tourism Agency has found. Of the 1,000 respondents, 41.1 percent said the island was their priority for vacations compared to other destinations in the region.

Following Bali, other preferred destinations are Thailand (20.9 percent), Singapore (15.4 percent), Vietnam (7.2 percent), and Malaysia (5.7 percent).
Discussing satisfaction with their vacations, 53.5 percent of the respondents said they were very satisfied, 39.5 percent said they were satisfied, while 5.8 percent said they were quite satisfied. Only 1.2 percent said they were not satisfied.

The survey also showed that 59.5 percent, both first-timers and repeat visitors, wished to return to Bali for their next holiday. Most of the respondents, 61.7 percent, were first-time visitors. Agency head IB Kade Subhiksu said the survey results were quite encouraging, considering that the respondents were foreigners from countries including Australia, China, South Korea, the UK and the US.

bali promotion

Bali top destination

Even so, he said, Bali should continue to diversify and improve the quality of its tourism products. He also pointed out that it was crucial to handle complaints immediately amid tighter competition with other destinations and the presence of new destinations.
“There are many new destinations in Southeast Asia. We have to build sustainable tourism and continue to provide new and unique attractions.”
Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, from the provincial tourism promotion board, said that although Bali was only a small part of Indonesia, the island was more popular globally as a tourism destination than the country itself.

“Indeed, Bali has huge potential to attract tourists from all over the world. We have to aim for a more precise and sustainable market.”
Ukus Kuswara, secretary general of the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, said Bali was the main tourism gateway for Indonesia and had always been compared to other international destinations.

“The island has a very broad range of complete products as a tourism destination. It is our common responsibility to preserve the island and develop it sustainably for the future.” Kresna Teja, head of the Australian market division at the Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies Association (Asita) in Bali, said that the island was like a second home for most Australians, not only because it was located closer to Australia than other destinations in Southeast Asia but also for the island’s many scenic beaches that had always been Australians’ favorite spot.

“Bali’s unique culture is also a main attraction for them. Besides, it is very accessible from Australia, both by air and sea. The island is a regular route for many cruise ships as well,” he said.

Bali is top destination in SE Asia : Sources :

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Tourism and business support associations plan to build a monorail

Bali property news

Tourism and business associations have expressed their strong support for the Bali administration’s plan to build a monorail connecting all regencies on the island. They consider the monorail project as a solution to provide quality mass transportation for both people and commodities, which will support the boosting of equitable development throughout the island.

Tourism practitioner Bagus Sudibya, also deputy chairman of the Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies Association (ASITA) expressed his support for the monorail plan to improve all economic sectors. “Bali indeed needs to improve its infrastructure and reduce travel times between regencies with more effective transportation.”

He said building a monorail system that connected all the island’s regencies would benefit all economic sectors, not only tourism, as it would expedite the transportation of people and goods.  “Overall, it will help with the promoting of many untapped potentials in all the regencies in Bali, be it tourist attractions, agriculture, marine commodities or any other areas of potential.”

Indonesian property market investors


He added that the monorail could be a transportation mode for round trip packages for tourists, saying that it would be good if the monorail was built along the coastline, running from Denpasar to Gianyar, Klungkung, Karangasem, heading to the north coast in Buleleng, then to Jembrana, Tabanan and returning to Denpasar. “Another railway should also be built crossing through Bangli regency, located in the central part of Bali.”

Gede Sumarjaya Linggih, chairman of Bali’s Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) also supported the administration’s plan to build a monorail.  Progress on MP3EI projects, including the monorail, would be discussed in a coordination meeting to be held in Nusa Dua later this week, he added.

The central government in 2011 launched the ambitious MP3EI program to speedily transform Indonesia into a developed nation recognized by the world community, through high, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. By implementing MP3EI, the country would take its place as one of the world’s developed countries by 2025.

The master plan focuses on eight main development programs — agriculture, mining, energy, industry, maritime, tourism, telecommunications and strategic zones.  Under the MP3EI, Bali and Nusa Tenggara are included in the fifth corridor as the gateway for tourism and national food support.

Bali, as the gateway for the country’s tourism, is required to implement large-scale infrastructure projects, such as airport expansion and renovation projects, toll roads, railway tracks, seaports, cruise ports and high-capacity electricity power plants.
Tourism and business support associations plan to build a monorail “Sources” ( Visit the site to see full article )

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Foreign investors are flocking to buy property near Bali’s beautiful beaches

Bali property beaches – In Bali, rich foreigners are sparking a property frenzy, but who benefits? .  Luxury property prices in Indonesia are rising faster than anywhere else in the world, according to a new report . – Foreign investors are flocking to buy property near Bali’s beautiful beaches .   All along Jalan Laksmana, Seminyak’s main thoroughfare, glass-fronted stores sell high-end surfer-inspired chic, such as £125 bikinis and organic wheatgrass shots, while restaurants cater to the many bule – foreigners – by offering Japanese, Italian and fusion Indonesian cuisine at candlelit tables with Ibiza-like club music on the sound system. Firms with names like Exotiq Property and Elite Havens detail beachfront villas running at £1.5m and higher, showcasing homes close to “the action” – Bali’s famous hangouts like Ku De Ta and Potato Head, where languages overheard can range from French to Russian to Chinese.

Bali has long been famous as a playground for both the rich and the not-so-rich, easily providing both villas and backpacker hostels so that visitors can enjoy its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters whatever their budget. But now this island of 4 million is finding another kind of fame – as a major investment opportunity for the luxury property market.

Luxury property prices in 2012 jumped in Indonesia by more than anywhere else in the world, according to research by Knight Frank. The capital, Jakarta, saw an astonishing increase of 38% in luxury property prices from 2011, and Bali came in a respectable second at 20%, tying with Dubai.

Bali Villa rental

Villa rental Bali

While Monaco may still be the world’s most expensive place to buy a residential property– homes there can cost up to $5,920 (£3,960) per square foot – if Indonesia keeps up this pace, that could soon change. There are now more millionaires in Asia than anywhere else in the world, and in Indonesia, whose booming economy could surpass the UK’s to become the world’s seventh-largest by 2030, individuals’ net worth has shot up 7% year on year.

What does that mean? In simple terms, says Zoe Rice of property firm Elite Havens’ flagship Seminyak office – a low-slung, white-and-blue, beachhouse-themed property that looks as though it should be facing the Indian ocean rather than the village’s busy square – property investment in Indonesia is simply “better value than keeping money in the bank”.

Much of the growth underpinning Bali’s healthy property market comes from domestic buyers, notably the wealthy players of Surabaya and Jakarta, says Rice. But there is also a steady stream of buyers from Australia, France and the UK, and Asian expats from Singapore and Hong Kong, who are keeping the market afloat. And they’re not just purchasing second or third holiday homes: vacant land is the number-one choice for Indonesians, followed by hotels, condo-hotels and private villas. For foreign buyers, purchases are of homes and villas for full-time residential use; a market report to be released this week by Elite Havens cites Bali’s high tourist arrivals, healthy economy and shifting of government debt to investment grade as reasons why the island is “resilien[t] and [a] safe haven for investors in these globally turbulent times”.

“Capital appreciation has been substantial [in Bali] in the past decade,” says Rice. “There’s been a dramatic increase in Seminyak, where land prices have almost tripled in the last two years because demand is so high and supply so low.”

All this has not been lost on local people, many of whom have taken to nicknaming the island kampung bule – “whitey town” – because of the sea of foreigners swarming Bali’s streets and beaches.

Bali investment

Bali villa rental

“Housing in Bali is expensive now because many bule live in their own private villas, and they buy with dollars and pay dollar prices,” says 31-year-old Budi Susila, a taxi driver who spends his days transporting foreigners around the island. “That makes locals want to sell their land to bule, which makes more bule interested in moving here, which means that every year we lose more rice paddies and more greenery. The government gives permits very easily for new construction because they get money in their pocket.”

Expat hotspot Seminyak has just lost its last rice paddy, says Rice, who claims that the central road that cuts through Legian and up to Seminyak was “lined left and right” with them a decade ago. Now the roads are choked with taxis, 4x4s and motorbikes manned by tanned blonds with surfboards in tow, who snake along many of the busiest areas in southern Bali in traffic so heavy that a 30-minute drive can easily turn into a two-hour one.

Non-beachfront land around the most sought-after areas, including Seminyak and Petitenget, is now worth 2.5bn rupiah per 100 square metres – £171,000 – with prices decreasing the further north and inland one travels, Rice says. But much of the attraction of buying land or property in Bali is being close to the action: Seminyak serves as the de facto centre of Bali’s expat beachfront scene, as it is home to world-class restaurants, clubs and bars, where the rich and beautiful can chill out with bottles of champagne over views of Bali’s famous sunsets. But even in Ubud, where organic markets and yoga studios rub shoulders with art galleries in what is deemed Bali’s northern “cultural centre”, land prices increased some 55% in 2012, according to research by Elite Havens.

In Jakarta, which saw a 38% jump in its residential luxury market prices last year, the story is a little different. There, buyers are investing primarily in flats in the central business district in projects that developers are calling “critical housing” – prime property in an overcrowded metropolis of 12 million, says Knight Frank’s Hasan Pamudji.

“The economy in Indonesia has been growing roughly 6% every year for the last few years, so there are more rich people in Indonesia now than ever,” he says. “But middle and lower incomes have increased as well, which has increased the demand for property.”

Although the city is home to extravagant, multimillion-dollar mansions lined by barbed-wire fences, it is flats, rather than houses, that are the new property of choice for those buying property in Jakarta because “they offer security, safety and easy transportation”, says Pamudji. “Traffic congestion in Jakarta is very bad, so some buy condos close to their work or business, which saves them having to commute every day from the suburbs or further away.”

Often these condos are the first investment for young couples or upcoming wealthy individuals, he adds, with the average price in downtown’s “Golden Triangle” retailing at 30m rupiah – £2,050 – per square metre.

Villarentalbatubelig2Back in Bali, development can be seen pretty much everywhere along the southern coast, with old buildings bulldozed to make way for new commercial properties, among them glittering cafes and restaurant ventures to cater to the ever-burgeoning market of wealthy clientele. In the upmarket beachfront Canggu area, Echo Beach is now home to an InterContinental hotel and the Sea Sentosa project, a resort that calls itself “the benchmark for unparalleled luxury”, while a Sunset Road extension is planned to link the capital, Denpasar, with Bali’s more western beaches.

But there has been so much development that the local government has recently placed a moratorium along the most congested beachfront areas and is encouraging growth in the island’s more remote locations instead. Even there, however, investment can prove tricky, says Australian investment banker Richard Jenkins, who moved to Bali three years ago from northern Australia with his wife and two young children. Having bought a clifftop plot of land in Uluwatu, a windswept, still undeveloped area on the island’s most southern tip, the Jenkinses planned to build their own house – but the permits were never forthcoming.

The family now want to move to a £1m property in Seminyak with three villas that they plan to renovate, turning two into holiday rentals.

“This is a good place to invest, definitely,” says Jenkins. “There aren’t that many places to say that about in the western world. But while it is a positive real estate market, I do get the impression of a looming glut: there’s just so much building here going on, and it’s all for the tourist market.”

Foreign investors are flocking to buy property near Bali’s beautiful beaches  “Sources”

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